CountIfs returning "A value used in this formula is of wrong data type"

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This is my formula




each criteria set individually works as expected.




works as expected.


It is just when I add the third criteria (i.e. "OneNoteYear,B4") is when I get the formula error "A value used in this formula is of wrong data type.


I have tried to not use "named cells" and have used hard coded text for the "B4" cell reference but nothing seems to work.

I have tried to force cell format types from "general" to "text".


It feels like this formula cannot handle the third criteria (i.e. it is too complex).  It feels like a bug in Excel.


Anyone have any clue as to what I am possibly missing?




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I figured out what is the issue...


the "countifs" formula does not like ranges (named cells or not) of different lengths.