Countifs results in #VALUE! error

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I am trying to count how many employees are listed in one column as "CERT" and then in another column with a location name. 

=countifs(CS375:CS2697, "CERT", CY2:CY2697,"No Name High School")

I want to know, from my report, how many "cert" employees work at "No Name High

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Per the documentation:


Important: Each additional range must have the same number of rows and columns as the criteria_range1 argument. The ranges do not have to be adjacent to each other.

So, the range provided to the first and third parameters must represent the same number of rows.




=COUNTIFS($CS$2:$CS$2697, "CERT", $CY$2:$CY$2697,"No Name High School")


Thank you.
I was actually able to solve this by using "define names" for the columns. I will try your suggestion as well to see if that works.