COUNTIFS problem

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I'm trying to use the COUNTIFS formula to count cells in which the criteria are:


Column T2:T3031 "Other"

Column T2:T3031 "Temporary"

Column W2:W3031"0"


I want the formula to result in a total count of rows in which "other" appears in column T with "0" in column W, and then "Temporary" appears in column T  with "0" in column W. 


Thanks for any help.

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You can try SUMPRODUCT:


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Hi Ellbeardo,


If I've understood you correctly, you have a data set like the one I've shown in the attached image (your column T is my column A, and your W is my B), in which Column A contains various values, including "Other" and "Temporary", against which, in column B, there can be various values, but you want to count only the pairs where A= either "Other" or "Temporary" and B=0 (which I have highlighted yellow in the image.)


You could do this by summing 2 COUNTIFS() calls like this:




or like this (same thing really)






Hope that helps




Brilliant, thanks!

I did try that first one but I think I missed the second criteria in the second COUNTIFS! Sorted now.