countifs only works to certain date

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So I am counting different audits, however, it only counts to a certain date/cell.

=COUNTIFS(Table1[Date], ">=" & '15.1 New Audit Log.xlsx'!NOV22S,Table1[Date],"<=" & '15.1 New Audit Log.xlsx'!NOV22E,Table1[Audit Type],'Monthly Totals'!A3)


So Table1 date is checking date column in audit spread sheet and then the dates are NOV22S (start of November and then NOV22E the end.


Then the criteria I wish to count is Monthly totals cell A3.

When I look back at the data it only counts to a certain cell, it does not count the whole column - it has inserted 'table 1' but will not review whole column.

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