COUNTIFS functions are not working - URGENT help

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Hi all, I am using the same function for multiple columns, where I am calculating a % of male studnets who scored higher in specific tasks at the endline, in comparison to the baseline. Columns BB to BT in my dataset calculate difference for each individual task, in the same way (by subtracting baseline % score from the endline % score). All the columns BB to BT are formatted in the same way and inlcude NA values, where I have removed the specific cells with dubious data. Here is the function:


=COUNTIFS('Matched database'!$BM:$BM,">0",'Matched database'!$AG:$AG,"Boy")/COUNTIFS('Matched database'!$AG:$AG,"Boy",'Matched database'!BM:BM,"<>NA")


The reference to AG colummn is unchanged, and every individual task, I change the reference for example from BL to BM. The function is working for all the columns (i.e., BB to BT), except one (BM). 


I checked several forums and resources, but I do not understand why the function is not working for the specific column BM and what I can do.



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There is not enough information to answer your question but "Bad data in row 42!".


thank you for responding, I checked all the columns in the data BB to BT, they are all formatted in the same way ('percentage') and all the rows in all these columns either contain 'NA' value or a formula calculating difference in scores (ie., =AI42-M42 in the column BB row 42, and =AT42-X42 in the column BM row 42). There are basically no differences between the columns BB to BT, all formatted the same way and all containing either the formula (with values raging between -100% to +100% or 'NA' value). The same formula works for all the columns, expect one.


Still missing information.

You did not mention why the formula is not working.

You did not supply a sample file with the problem.


I still dont know what was the issue, I have deleted the entire column and re-did the formulas. The function is working now for that column.