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I have a frustrating issue with COUNTIFS. If I enter it with a single criterion on two different columns, it works, but if I have the two working criteria in the same formula it fails with #VALUE.


=COUNTIFS(TableSFData[[Employee 1]:[Employee 4]],'Individual Productivity'!A5)

Returns 70


=COUNTIFS(TableSFData[Date],">" & I7)

Returns 2363


=COUNTIFS(TableSFData[[Employee 1]:[Employee 4]],'Individual Productivity'!A5,TableSFData[Date],">" & I7)

Returns #VALUE


Does anyone know why this is?


Thanks in advance

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@JNollett The dimensions of the arrays should be the same. In your case you have a 4-column by all rows and a 1-column but all rows. Hence #VALUE.

I hadn't realised this couldn't be done. Thanks for pointing it out. I appreciate it.

@JNollett You are welcome!