COUNTIFS, counting date range and word

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I am trying to create a formula to count the occurrences of a particular month and if an adjacent cell contains Yes

Say column A2:A284 are dates dd/mm/yyyy and column R2:R284 contains either Yes or No

For the month August count cells that contain Yes

I've tried the SUMPRODUCT(1*(MONTH($A$2:$A$284)='Data Validation'!$C13))

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Hi @Aprilklfg 

That should be:

=SUMPRODUCT(--(MONTH($A$2:$A$284) ='Data Validation'!$C13), --($R$2:$R$284="yes"))
thanks - this gives a result of #value!
any other suggestions?

@Aprilklfg You may try-





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RE. this gives a result of #value! any other suggestions? NO, this works no problem (sample attached):



==> How to correct a #VALUE! error in the SUMPRODUCT function


Simply try this for countifs,
12-07-2022 Yes Yes 7
13-07-2022 Yes
14-07-2022 No
15-07-2022 Yes
16-07-2022 No
17-07-2022 Yes
18-07-2022 Yes
19-07-2022 No
20-07-2022 Yes
21-07-2022 Yes
B Column count for Yes
A Column count for equal and greater than 12/07/2022 (Date can be changed according to your needs)

You can able to add multiple conditions for countifs for the same range.

@L z.   Brilliant!! I appreciate your help

Thank you!
Thanks, appreciate the help
Glad we could help & Thanks for providing feedack

BTW @Aprilklfg 

If by any chance you run Excel 2021 or 365, an alternative:

=COUNTA(FILTER($R$2:$R$284, (MONTH($A$2:$A$284) ='Data Validation'!$C13) * ($R$2:$R$284="yes")))


=ROWS(FILTER($R$2:$R$284, (MONTH($A$2:$A$284) ='Data Validation'!$C13) * ($R$2:$R$284="yes")))