COUNTIFS and AVERAGEIF not working. What am I doing wrong?

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As you can see in the COUNTIFS screenshot, it's returning a zero (0), but there is clearly one (1) cell that meets the criteria. And, in the AVERAGEIF screenshot, it's returning a Divide by Zero error. All the formulas down the L and M columns are consistent and the workbook is started from new/scratch so there is nothing in the background that might be interfering because it is not Save As'd from anything. Everything I've found on the internet says those formulas should work. The Averages by Day of the Week formulas works great. For some reason, these formulas are not liking times. I even tried formatting all the times as text and it still wouldn't work.

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@jeremys78 , criteria syntax is ">"&J3, etc. And AVERAGIFS for two criteria.

You da man. It worked. Thanks