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If anyone could help me i'd appreciate it so much.  For whatever reason, this formula is not picking up the "number" formatted numbers in the column with this spreadsheet.  The formula is suppose to tell how many have the "1" and "2" value in the column.  However, it's showing 0 for both but there should be values being picked up.


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All of the data in column B has decimal places wheras you are comparing rounded numbers that is why no data is being picked up.

You may use '>' or '<' sign as per your requirement. for example 






If i do >= this will count everything higher than 2 as well which is not what i am looking for. I am looking for a function that will count everything that is =2 or =1 only if that makes sense.

is there a way to do countif >= .5 and <=1.49 as one formula? Since the rounded numbers aren't being picked up?
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Instead of countif() you may use countifs() function that allows to give multiple creteria as mentions below:





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