=COUNTIF() Issue

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Hi All,


So for some reason i used to be able to use =COUNTIF() formula to compare 2 lots of data and count the number of times it matches.


For some reason and i really dont have a clue why i keep getting the #SPILL error instead?


I've tried Googling it and i cant seem to find the exact fix for this issue


do any of you gurus out there know a fix?


please let me know if i need to clarify anymore information in order for you to help!


Thank you!



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The #SPILL error occurs when the spill range for a spilled array formula is not blank.

#SPILL Error

Sorry i forgot to mention that i have tried all the Excel help and i don't have any other data in that column to block it? it should just have a 1 or 0 in the cell next to it.

This is why i'm so confused, i never had this issue before and i'm doing it the exact same way but all of a sudden i now get this #SPILL error when nothing is in the way. So frustrating!