countif in a table with formulas

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I am sorry to ask but I have not found a clear answer to this concrete case.

I simply have a table... in my case I have dates eg 2022-10-01, 2022-11-01, 2022,-10-02, 2022-09-01, 2022-10-04 ---- and I called this Table1


I simply want to count the number of entries eg in October i.e something like

=countif(Table1, month(Table1[@])=10)



1) the formula above returns 0... although if I use it =MONTH(Table1[@]) in a separate column it will bring the correct result (and then I calculate sumif on this column )


2) a formula like =COUNTIF(Table4,MONTH(Table4[Column1])=10) expands the value zero to rows below....


Any hint please how I can use it?



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With the following formula you get your desired result:



Please adjust table name and column header.

uau!... I would have never come to this one!.... man!......

Still looks a mystery... I would think the SUMIFS was the one to go.


as an add on - why doesn’t the criteria work on the countifs?

seems the criteria can’t evaluate expressions - just make simple comparisons….


is this a limitation of my version or is it excell?




The criteria argument of COUNTIF must be something like ">0" or "January" or $B$2, not an expression that evaluates a range.