Countif for summary formula

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I'm looking to create a countifs formula and am unsure of how to format it. 


I am looking to have it count for each employees details sheet and for it to pull the lead converted into hire box, column B if  it is a foundations or a firm and count what region it is under column C. Pulling it into the national summary to capture a summary of the individual data. 


I have attached the file for reference. 

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I think this can work, but is only for one tab. You would need to do the formula for the same number of tabs you want to count.

=COUNTIFS('Barry Details'!$B1:$B100,'National Summary'!$B13,'Barry Details'!$D1:$D100,'National Summary'!C$10,'Barry Details'!$C1:$C100,'National Summary'!$B$11) + COUNTIFS (the same for next tab) + COUNTIFS (the same for next tab) ...


And then if I want it to filter out by the word I would put "Foundations"?@alannavarro