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Good evening,

I'm trying to make a small tool for children who have to manage their work relatively alone during this weird period (or during the holidays).


The goal is that their parents can define a list of tasks :
- some punctual ones (e.g. math homework for June 3rd)...
- other recurring ones a day, a week... (e.g. reciting his multiplication tables every day).


I would like (above all) to make this work fun with a system of points earned per task performed.

>>> My problem is that I don't see how to conceptualize the table to count & historize/cumulate the points earned per recurring task (illustration attached), knowing that I obviously have to prevent the child from multi-validating a task in the same day...


If you've got any tips, I'm more than up for it!
Thank you very much in advance



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@AyS0908 Please see the sample worbkook for the suggested solution. 

The teacher/parents will make the choice of Year in cell A1, Month in cell C1 and current day in cell E1 by using the dropdown.

Points of the day = points of the selected day in cell E1 = displayed in cell F1

Accumulated points = total points of the selected day + accumulated points of recurring tasks up to the selected day = displayed in cell G1

A positive comment will be displayed in cell H1 if the student achieves a certain points for the selected day.

Once you are happy with the layout, I recommend to lock the sheet and only leave the cells where the student has to choose Validation and Date of Validation to be editable so that nobody would mess up with your formulas/design.


@hynguyenmany thanks for your input & your time !