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Hello all, 


I am trying to write a formula that will counts the number of unique values in Column L:L assuming there filter Sobeys and not Voila. 


The below is my formula:


=COUNTA(UNIQUE(FILTER('Iri Comp Data'!$H:$H,ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Sobeys",'Iri Comp Data'!$L:$L,ISNUMBER(SEARCH("<>Voila",'Iri Comp Data'!$L:$L


I believe the issue is that I can't use <>. The problem is in my data set in Column there is Voila by Sobeys and I don't want to include those in my count.


Thank you!


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The formula isn't complete, but it should probably look like


=COUNTA(UNIQUE(FILTER('Iri Comp Data'!$H:$H,ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Sobeys",'Iri Comp Data'!$L:$L))*ISERROR(SEARCH("Voila",'Iri Comp Data'!$L:$L)))))