Count unique values in a range from a worksheet with more than 1 criteria

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I need distinct counts from 1 worksheet onto another where the criteria is by date and the other is by a name.  Below is what I was hoping would work but it does not.  Can anyone help?


=COUNTIFS((SUM(IF(FREQUENCY('Suite C'!E:E,'Suite C'!E:E)>0,1)),'Suite C'!C:C,A7,'Suite C'!D:D,I1))

The worksheet I'm trying to pull info from:


Putting info into this worksheet:






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Do you happen to have a sample you can upload? This might be do-able with a pivot table and distinct count OR with UNIQUE (and a few more functions), if you're on 365.
I'm wanting to try to stay away from a pivot table since this will be an on-going report, there will be a worksheet per employee. Trying to keep track of work done. Only examples that I have are what is in the discussion, worksheets that I'm trying to pull the information from.