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Hi I have an excel sheet in which money is written but I want that whenever I total money, it should give me a blank row as soon as it is 1000 in each total like the total of the data I have is 5000. If you are getting total of money, then as soon as the total is 1000, then insert a blank row and write its total, such a total will be 5 blank rows, and in that blank row the total of the above amount which will be either 1000 or less.


Please help as soon as possible

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any body have no reply regarding this

@Manish_Ojha so I did a couple of options because I wasn't sure what you need exactly:


each of the columns E:I are based on the values in A and column C is just for reference.

columns E&F use array formulas while H&I use old style formulas that you copy/fill down

in each case I show value if the cumulative total crosses the thousands mark.  I think this is what you wanted.  If not please explain a little better.