Count the number of dates based on a condition

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hope you are doing good.


I have a pivot table with dates in a column. Using conditional formating i set the dates that are between today and up to 329 away as green , those that between 330 and 365 to be orange and more than 365 as red:


green  =AND(TODAY()-$H19>=0,TODAY()-$H19<329)

orange  =AND(TODAY()-$H19>=330,TODAY()-$H19<365)

red  =AND(TODAY()-$H19>=365)


since this is conditional formatting i apply that to my whole column H and for all my dates i have some green, some orange and some red...


Now i'm trying to count the number or green, orange and red...and that's where i'm stuck...


I think i understand i have to use a COUNTIF and i wrote :  =COUNTIF(H:H,"<=" & TODAY()-329) ...this gives me 67   so it's... 67 dates that are smaller than 329 date ago ...if i'm not mistaken, but i don't understand how to have the correct count for each color.


Would someone please be able to help me on this ?


Thanks in advance

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Hello @Hans Vogelaar

Thanks a lot for your reply.

oooh nice !! it seems to be working... well it takes some additional values those H1 to H18 and some at the end when i filter but i least i get a number that is closer to what i should have.
I guess i could solve this by adding values to range "H:H".

I will see but it's already a very good point

Thanks a lot !!


You could change H:H to the relevant part, for example H19:H100. The formulas will be more efficient too.