Count Numbers in Cells That Also Contain Text

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As an example, ="(&E3&") Actual Total For Burns"

             ="(&E4&") Actual Total For Slips"

So the first example would return (5) Actual Total For Burns

The second example would return (7) Actual Total For Slips For Slips

Then at the bottom of the column I want to sum those numbers in the brackets.

Can it be done. Regards Antony

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Let's say the formulas are in rows 2 to 50.

The formula to sum the numbers is simply




Sorry perhaps I haven't explained it clearly.

The cell contains (5) Actual Total for Burns

So, a simple SUM doesn't count the numbers in the brackets. Thats what I am after a formula that adds the numbers in the brackets. So the column consists of numbers in the brackets followed by text.

Regards Antony

please share some data and expected result。
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a2=(5) Actual Total for Burns
a3=(7) Actual Total

if extract number then conduct.sum,maybe

=WEBSERVICE("\d+~" & A2)+WEBSERVICE("\d+~" & A3)


Please try the formula that I proposed. It does not try to add the cells that contain a text, but the cells with the original numbers.