Count number gets cut off

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On the bottom right where count number shows it gets cut off if it is more than a single digit.
Example- Count:3 shows fine but Count:18 gets cutoff and you can only see part of the number. See attachment for view.  I thought it maybe had to view with zoom size but it does it even when it's at 100% or less.  Any ideas??

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Hello, this is actually strange!

Just to suggest, kindly right-click anywhere in the Status Bar - Uncheck and Recheck Count.. If it doesn't work, kindly send send frown via File > Feedback


What happens if you request the SUM as well as the COUNT?

(right click status bar and check box)


is it the same effect if run Excel in safe mode (Win+R, excel /safe)?

thank you but that did not work unfortunately. @Sergei Baklan 

same outcome@Peter Bartholomew 

Hi thanks, that did not work so I sent a frown thanks for that. Are they usually good about fixing? @Abiola1 

They are going to look into the problem..

@Abiola1were you able to understand or/and solve the issue?