count how many time a value is in a column

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 I have list of names and  a number near each name in a other column i want to know how many ppl i have from each number 


something like this 

1 70 ppl 

2 12 ppl

3 15 ppl


any idea ?

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@hershel13  lets say you have names in A and categories in B and you want to count how many people are in each category you should be able to add col C with each category listed and in col D use:


if you have a title in row 1 you may start in cell D2 and change that to $C2 before filling down


Please clarify you would like to count or to sum. For example, name ABC has two records

ABC 70 ppl

ABC 20 ppl

result shall be 2 or 90 ppl?


name Rate
name a1
name b1
name c1
name d1
name e2
name f2


I want to know how many ppl I have rate 1 how many 2 total numbers 




@hershel13 you build a pivot table that groups by rate, and counts instead of sum (you select the formula to use for grouping).



As variant for


formula is