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How can i count the number of characters in a range  of cells. What i am trying to do is figure out as an example how many #1's , #2's and so forth are in a range of cells.  So i know how many of each # i need to purchase to number team uniforms. 

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@Peter_Potteiger Hi,

Please find attached file for your further consideration.


Simply, you may use above written formula.


@Peter_Potteiger The trick is to create on long string of all numbers. Then split it in individual digits and then count all digits (0-9). In newer versions of Excel you can use TEXTJOIN and SEQUENCE to achieve this relatively easily. In older Excel versions that do not support the CONCAT function, you have to do a bit extra work to create the initial string of numbers. I have demonstrated all of these in the attached file. If your Excel version does not support a method, you'll notice it immediately. The result of the count is in columns G and H.