Count Duplicate with the help of Excel Functions

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Hello Everyone, 


I have two questions :

1 -- Tells how many rows/columns have duplicates with the help of formula? E.g. 2 rows and 3 columns have duplicate values.


2 --  Tells the specific rows/columns with duplicate values with the help of formula ? E.g. Hire Date has duplicate values.



Please help..


Here is a attached file.. 


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@Zain123 I pulled your data into Power Query and found that four sets of rows are duplicated. That is, where all of the fields are the same. And because there are duplicate rows, all 8 columns contain duplicates.


But perhaps I misunderstood your questions. Then you can perhaps clarify your intentions and identify and count the duplicates manually, explaining the logic.

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As @Riny_van_Eekelen points out, the question does not make much sense in the context of the given dataset.  The possible solutions also depend on the version of Excel you have.  For example, using Excel 365 one could define a Lambda function

= LAMBDA(range,
        distinct, UNIQUE(range),
        duplicated?, COUNTIFS(range, distinct) > 1,

so that applying it column by column

= BYCOL(Table1, CountDupsλ)




Thank you so much sir.