Count data depending on what's in another column

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I want to tally my data depending on what it says in the other column.


Attached is dummy example but basically if it say's yes I want it to add +1 to the total in the relevant column. If it says no, however, I don't want it to add to the total.


Can this be done?


I have access to 365 as well - I've just quickly done this example on my other computer that doesn't have it.

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=IF(C3="Yes",1, 0) '--- Nothing Left toLose!Au8Lyt79SOuhZw2MCH7_7MuLj04?e=sAwbHU (free excel programs)
Hi thanks for your response but that's not exactly what I am asking.

I basically want to have something that says IF C2:C30 = "Reason 1" and D2:D30 = winner add 1, if not add 0 - obviously that's not the right syntax though.

@cheeseontoast101 For Microsoft-365 user.


For other versions user.