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Ok so I am not sure how the best way to go about this.  I have a spreadsheet that I enter data in and I need it to look in Column G and decipher if there are duplicate combinations.  If there are then I need it to display a dollar amount in column M.  The data it has to decipher is:

GNDXTV    30
KQLCGX    30
FUNPQO    30
GLDAUV    30
ECHGGI    30
TPOFLD    30
LRMDIC    30
LRMDIC    40
TPOFLD    30
HJPTZZ    30
RYRMOR    30
BFMGLS    30 
CMUJJU    30
CMUJJU    40
UROUXV    30


For example when it notices that CMUJJU is there twice it would add 30+40 and then display $70 in column M.  If it counts only 1 occurrence then it display $30 in column M.  I am guessing that using COUNT and IF statements is going to be where I need to head but not sure.  I am using 365.  Any guidance would be appreciated.




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You can try this formula.

count data and sum.JPG