Count and order (Z-A) number of recurring text strings

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Hi folks.

Working with a (trimmed) dataset with over 25,000 rows of data.

Objective: Determine the top 100 most common route_taken for each user_type (only two user_type i.e. casual & member).
Details: Over 6,980 number_unique_routes.

Explanation: Trying to figure out either by using a pivot_table (tried but really don't know how to input data correctly) or by using a function/formula how to retrieve the most common routes taken for members and casual users. Would like to first understand how to apply the formula/function to retrieve the most common routes how many times they appear ordered by Z-A (to retrieve the top 100 rows of data). Not sure how to implement the =COUNTIF function in this scenario to count recurring text strings and how I can apply it. An explanation would really wrap my mind around it, thanks in advance.

e.g. something like this maybe? (open to suggestions on better ways to structure this)
with some route_taken you might get an instance where both members and casual riders use that route but members or casual riders could be the more common user. (See frequent_rider_route columns)




I think I made my problem quite clear - if any clarification is needed, please let me know!





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Hi @zgoldflo 


here are two options:

Option 1. Pivot table:

Use the route_taken in the rows area, the user_type in the columns area and again the route_taken in the values area of the Pivot table. This will automatically apply a count.



To sort the Pivot table, open the filter icon for route_taken and select "More Sort Options..."


Then choose "Descending" and select "Count of route_taken" from the dropdown list


In addition/alternatively you can apply a value filter to get only the top X values:





Option 2. Formula solution with COUNTIFS


Then do a manual sort on the Grand Total column.


I would recommend the Pivot table, because it's much more flexible