COUNIFS returning #VALUE!

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Hi was wondering if someone could help.


I am trying to use COUNTIFS to tell how many tickets with specific priority are in a certain status within a certain sprint.


Tab name is Data In

Priority is in A:A

Status is in B:B

Sprint is in C:I (Multiple Columns) value only in once within range


The formula I am using is: =COUNTIFS('Data In'!C:I,"SysOps_2022Apr08",'Data In'!B:B,"On Hold", 'Data In'!A:A,"Critical")


However this keep returning #VALUE!. When I split each component separately they all work, but together fails.



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=SUMPRODUCT(('Data In'!C:I="SysOps_2022Apr08")*('Data In'!B:B="On Hold")*('Data In'!A:A="Critical"))

Is this what you are looking for?

Amazing thank you