Could not open excel file

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Hi all,


Yesterday I was helping someone to make a sheet in Excel. She put much efford and time in it, and today I could not open the file.


Can someone please help me with my issue?


This message pops up:


Het bestand tarot cheat sheet.xlsx kan niet worden geopend omdat de bestandsindeling of de bestand extensie niet geldig is. Controleer of het bestand niet is beschadigd en of de bestandsextensie overeenkomt met de indeling van het bestand.


All I know is that since 18 sept. this file was saved as .xlsx and Auto Saved it since. But today somehow we can't open it.

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Are you sure the file is saved as .xlsx?
Try changing the file to .xltx or .xls or .xlsm, maybe it will work again.

Without the file itself, it's hard, almost impossible, to suggest a solution.

At least a photo of the message you get when opening the file and information about your digital environment (operating system, storage medium, etc.) would help.


Hope I was able to help you with this information.



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