CopyPicture method of Picture Class failed error

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Hello All,

I'm facing Run time error 1004 sometime when I run code & sometime code works perfectly.

for few user code run but few user face this issue. earlier it was working fine for all.

when I debug it it breaks at Selection.Copypictue

not sure how to solve it can someone please help.




@Hans Vogelaar 

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Does it work better if you replace the first 4 lines from your screenshot with

    thisWb.Worksheets("Item Details").Shapes("Picture 1").CopyPicture

@Hans Vogelaar It works well for me but my team member faces issue.

same thing happened earlier as well. sometimes it works fine, not sure what exactly is issue.


As a test, insert the following lines above the CopyPicture line:


Application.CutCopyMode = False



and below it:



@Hans Vogelaar 

I have updated code as per suggestion & its almost working for all member except one or two member :(

getting error as below with one


Is something wrong in paste action? need to paste in any other way? should I use .pastespecial instead of .paste?




Try adding another DoEvents above ActiveSheet.Paste

@Hans Vogelaar do I need to add it after paste action as well?

with DoEvents above ActiveSheet.Paste still getting paste action error.


I'm afraid I'm out of ideas. Sorry!