Copying rows of information from different sheets

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I have an excel sheet with 6 sheets.

The 2nd sheet contains all the information I would like to have copy over to sheet 1,3,4,5,6.

Is there a function that will copy rows over to another sheet.
IE: if it says Awards 20 times in sheet 2, it copies rows to sheet 5

I have attached what I want it to look like, this was done manually, just trying to find quicker way.

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You have an Excel workbook with lots of individual names, real ones from the looks of it. I can't imagine that any of those folks would be happy to see you posting this on a public message board. I assume you have some kind of fiduciary responsibilities here.


I've reported it to be board admin folks, who will take it down, but you can act yourself to do the same. And you should.


Come back with a sanitized version and ask your question again,