Copying Regular numbers from an excel spreadsheet into a spreadsheet kept in Teams

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I'm sure this is user error but it's maddening and I just can't seem to figure it out!  I want to copy a column of regular numbers to a spreadsheet I have in excel but when I do, I get  a set of numbers depending on what selection I choose (Text, General, Number...) none of which are just a regular number. I have tried every conceivable option and can't get it to just copy a regular number.  One thing I was told was to switch both columns before copying to text, then copy and paste.  That didn't work for me.  Any ideas?  Seems like a very odd limitation if it's not possible to transfer regular numbers that's why I'm sure it's something I'm doing or not doing. Thank you for your help!


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Hi @LeandraHarris11  You posted your question in the Teams discussion forum - I'm going to move it to the Excel forum.



Ok, I thought I was supposed to be in teams because it seems to be Teams that I can't get my regular numbers into...from Excel.  Does that make sense?