Copying Multiply cells from an activated text

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Good evening all,

I have come to ask a question regarding a requirement I need, we bare with me as my explanation might sound complicated, here it goes...

I have a row of 8 cells with data in them on sheet 1
The last cell of the row will either have a Pass or Fail in it.
If it is a Fail I would like to automatically copy cells 1,3,4,5 and 8 to sheet 2.

Hope this makes sense and there is a solution to my requirement.



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Where on Sheet2 do you want to copy those cells to?


To the same cell on sheet 2


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Let's say that the cells on the data sheet are A1:H1.

Enter the following formula in A1 on the other sheet:


=IF('Sheet 1'!$H$1="FAIL",'Sheet 1'!A1)


where Sheet 1 is the name of the data sheet.


Fill to the right to cell H1.

Finally, clear the cells B1, F1 and G1.

@Hans Vogelaar 


Thank you very much this has worked 


Appreciate your time on this





An added query please... if the value is false, what do I need to put to have a blank cell and not have it come up with FALSE?


There's an optional third argument for the if function - you should be able to use "".
=IF('Sheet 1'!$H$1="FAIL",'Sheet 1'!A1,"")