Copying formulas from one document to another


I received help from the community on some If, then formulas and now want to build similar excel summaries around individual projects. When I try to copy the formulas which work perfectly in my master document, they don't function in a new document. I am copying the formulas only. Please help.

ImageAreaModificationCustom QuoteQtyPatternDescription Net  1-5 Discount  6+ Discount  Total 
    586-004  $       4,723#REF!#REF!#REF!
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Most probably you need not only copy formulas but adjust references used by them as well.

The columns haven't changed. I just deleted the data to input new, but left the formulas.


If columns are the same what was the need to copy formulas? Keep them as they were.

I created a new document and used the original as a template. At first I copied the formulas into a new excel document making sure the columns were aligned with the formulas. (E=quantity, H=price, etc). That didn't work. Next I did a save as and just removed all of the data except the formulas and created REF! too. As you can see in the example from my first email.


For the second variant when you make the copy of your file (e.g. in file explorer copy file, paste it, rename and open, formulas still work), how exactly did you delete the data ?

I deleted the cells that had text, quantity and price since the discounts columns and the extension all reference the price, once that was gone, it left only the formulas. Does that make sense? Happy St Patrick's Day. It's time for green beer on EDT US.

@Awolbert , you too.


You deleted the cells or cells values?

Ah, cell values. I thought. I just highlighted and hit the delete button. Do you ever run up against people like me with such elementary skills? I feel like I need to apologize.

@Awolbert , no problem.


If you may share a file or/and text of formula in question (copy from formula bar) before and after that will be more clear.


Sorry, I'm off for today.