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I built a single-page Excel spreadsheet that I use repeatedly. It has varying column widths, type fonts, and line sizes. The format works great for me, but candidly, it’s a real pain to re-format a new spreadsheet every few days. I have a PC running Windows 11. The Excel version is whatever comes with Microsoft 365.


I admit to not being tech savvy. I tried simple copying and pasting to a new sheet, but none of the “paste” options duplicated my formatting. I tried “save as” but couldn’t get that to replicate on a new spreadsheet. I’m missing something…can anyone help solve my problem? Thanks!

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You can duplicate the worksheet. Simply right-click on the worksheet tab and select Duplicate. This copies your sheet 1:1 with all formatting.

Screenshot example of Excel for the web:




Thank you so much for replying. Is there a way to paste the duplicate under a new tab? 

Also, I don't have a "duplicate" option. There is one that says, "Move or Copy."
I am surprised that your attempt to "save as" did not produce the desired result, but...

Yes, you can click the "Move or Copy..." menu item. In the dialog that appears, check the "Create a copy" checkbox (and select other options as desired). If you make the copy in the same workbook (which is the default location), the copy will probably be given a name with " (2)" appended, and that new worksheet will be activated. You can right-click its tab to rename it.