Copying files that are linked to another laptop

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I have a group of five Excel workbooks that are linked to one another using hundreds of Vlookup formulas.  I am attempting to copy all the files and links to a jump drive so I can paste the files to another laptop.  That doesn't seem to work.  I even copied them to Google drive and tried to download them to the new laptop.  That didn't work either.  Does anyone know the step I'm missing.  Would Onedrive work?



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You need to ensure that the file path and name are identical. Usually I see this issue when you have different usernames on the new PC/Laptop.

if the files are in C:\Users\[username]\Documents\ you need them to be in the same folder on the new laptop. and the User name needs to be the same.

I tried your suggestion and made the paths identical on both machines.  That has seemed to work.  Thanks so much.

Rich @Jagodragon