Copying data from different sheets

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Hello All,


I have 3 different excel workbooks on OneDrive in different folders. Ex sales, accounts and purchase folders has each excel sheet.


In each workbook there are different columns with data into them.

Ex Sales workbook has date, customer name, ID, value, status.

     Accounts workbook has date, received amount, ID

     purchase workbook has date, products, value, ID 

ID is the common column in each workbook.


i want to create new workbook which should copy column from sales workbook ID, date, value / from purchase workbook date and received amount / from accounts workbook products and value.


I want to make this automatic.


please help me in doing this



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That could be done by Power Query if you consider such option

Thanks for the info sergei.

Can you help me in power query. I am finding difficulty in choosing the columns and getting all the columns in one common sheet.



That's bit abstract, better to have small sample file.

In general you query table/range from each sheet, keep queries as connections. How to combine depends on your data layout and what do you need. If each all tables have the same structure you may append them each to other and generate one table where data from sources will be one after another.

If you have columns with ID:s or its equivalent in each source you may merge the queries selecting from each source only columns you need. That will be another kind of common sheet.