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I am hoping you wonderful people may be able to answer a question for me.  I am working with a group of separate but related spreadsheets and wish to combine the information.  For background, I work in an art museum.  I have a spreadsheet of items in a particular collection, with all the necessary details, including the standardised name of the artist.  In separate spreadsheets, I have those same artists with their standardised names, but also demographic information about them (such as gender, nationality, active dates, etc.). 


I would like to be able to add this demographic information to the object spreadsheet (for various DEI projects), but my problem is this:  the demographic spreadsheets have a single row for each artist, with lots of columns for their various attributes.  However, on the objects spreadsheet, there are often many works of art created by a single artist (I'm looking at 30+ Picassos right now).  Is there a good way to copy the demographic info into the object spreadsheet - so that, for example, every Picasso work will include his details - ideally without doing it manually?  I'm currently working on a subset of 18,000+ objects, so any suggestions are welcome!  Thanks very much.

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=VLOOKUP($H2,'demographic information'!$A$2:$G$27,COLUMN('demographic information'!B1),FALSE)

Is this similar to what you are looking for?


@Quadruple_Pawn  That's fantastic; thank you so much!