Copying a project template folder with Power Query connections

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I’m working on creating project templates in Excel where data from multiple workbooks feed into one summary workbook. All the workbook templates will be saved in the same project folder with the goal of copying the folder each time a person needs to complete the routine project. The person would then complete the project in the newly copied folder.  The problem I’m running into is that when I copy the folder the new spreadsheets still want to connect to the original data source in the original templates folder instead of the newly created spreadsheets in new project folder. How do I get the Power Query connections to follow the copied folder instead of pointing back at the original?

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@JanetteCunningham Perhaps the blog post in the link below is useful. 

It describes, among other things, how you can set-up PQ so that it connects to files in a particular folder. For instance, the folder where the active workbook is saved.

@Riny_van_Eekelen While I was hoping for a solution that was automated without the need for user input, I have a feeling this may be the only viable solution without using Power Automate. Thank you so much!