Copying a formula down a row while keeping one cell constant

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Hello, I am really new to Excel, and I was wondering if there is a way to copy a formula down throughout a column, while keeping one of the cells the same. 


It's probably best if I write an example of what I want.


I have a 50 row sheet, and I'm trying to copy a formula (V5*Y2) down throughout the column, but keeping the Y2 Constant. So I am hoping to copy and paste where it will only change the V value, so V6*Y2, V7*Y2, V8*Y2, and so on until V50*Y2


But when I copy it the way I'm familiar with, it changes to Y3, Y4, Y5 and so on. Is there anyway I can make the Y2 stay the same throughout the column? I really don't want to do it 50 times by hand, through 12 sheets haha. Thanks in advance for the help

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Use $Y$2. That will fix the reference.
I cant remember the keystroke(s) to set a cell as a constant.
Never mind. I just remembered. Its the F4 key! Thanks just the same.