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I just finished a creative idea in Excel with in mind that it would be all right at the end.

Now the end is near, but I'm not getting the result I was hoping for.


I've been busy covering an image with shapes. However, when I use the zoom-in of the worksheet, the spaces between the shapes will change. Is there a way to lock the shapes on any zoom-in (or zoom-out, depending on how you look at it)? See the pictures below



Zoom in.PNG





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@PBrabander Cool, but Excel is perhaps not suited for graphics design.

@Riny_van_Eekelen As you say, Excel is far from being a graphics package.  On the other hand, graphics effects can be created that go far beyond the normal 'subway graffiti' style of presentation.

GameofThrones.PNGLens.PNGz-stringer-3D.PNGz-stringer-2D.PNGThe point of these images is that they are linked to input data and are intended to communicate  information.

As for the OPs question, I haven't encountered the problem of shapes moving relative to one another.  I wondered whether the triangles are shape boundaries with the rendering depending on pixel spacing.  Also, it might be that grouping the shapes may improve the image stability.