Copy the last row of current sheet to a new row of another sheet

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Hello and a huge thank you to everyone in advance

There`re like 3 ways to solve my problem (spreadsheets)

1. easiest(i think) code a macro that copies the last row of whatever sheet is currently opened to the first empty row of another sheet("CopyTo" sheet is always the same). Please kindly provide detailed instructions, I`m new to coded macros.

2. to have every row of any single one of like 20 sheets automatically copied to the first empty row of another sheet("CopyTo" sheet is always the same) whenever a certain cell(always on the same column - F) of that row has value: "Красноярск".

3. the same as 2 but not the entire row, but only cells on columns B, C, D, E, G, H, J, L, M, N. Or just up to N(A-N) if it`s too much of a trouble.

Any help with any of the variants will be greatly appreciated. 




If it helps, let me describe what i seek. This company moves cars from city to city. And we have a sheet for every city that they start from(starting point). And when their cars arrive to a specific city (Krasnoyarsk) these cars are definetely going to also go from that city to another one. So, much of the info on that trip is going to be the same on the list of this city(list of Krasnoyarsk). So i wanted to automate the copying of that info. If needs be, i could translate the spreadsheet into English and attach a link so that some good samaritan could himself add whatever needs to be added.



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Attached is a file with two simple solutions that you can adapt and expand depending on your ideas.

The attached file is intended to be a suggested solution, it is not the solution itself.


Am new to excel trying to learn a bit more.

@NikolinoDE thank you, but your file doesn`t seem to be working in spreadheet