copy paste validation only on excel online

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How I copy paste data validation only in excel online 

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Please try this: Click on the cell with data validation that you want to copy. Then hold down the CTRL key and click on the cell that should have the same data validation. Then after all cells are selected you can release CTRL. Then click on Data Validation in the menu. Excel asks:


With YES and Apply you have copied the data validation.


thanks for your answer I want past data validation only without formatting or formula in excel online 


Hi Sherif! Yes, I understood that and explained how to do it in my first post.

Hello @dscheikey, I am also trying to figure out how to copy validation in the web version of Excel.  When I follow the instructions you outlined, I'm not given the choice to copy the validation from the source, it just brings up the window to define a validation settings (and overwrite for all selected cells).


Just to help me understand what's happening here, holding CTRL after clicking one cell just selects all of them right?  I think I must be missing a step to say which is the source for the formatting.


Thanks for your help