Copy paste transposed text with a formula to go in certain columns?

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Hi all,


I currently have a data set that looks like this:






I would like to transpose my information down under columns H-L so that for ALL cells in A that contains "George", their respective cells in columns B-F will be transposed under column H.


Likewise the same for all cells that contain any of the titles in column I-L


The trick is that all the cells in column A contain the title in columns H-L, however I can't figure out how to get this done


I hope my question makes sense? Otherwise please let me know and I'll be happy to elaborate


Kind regards,


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I am currently facing this issue when attempting to do it myself by the way:




What do you mean by XXX, YYY, JJJ? I do not see any of these information to your input data. XLOOKUP() will assist you. Show your desired output manually so that we can do that by formula.
Note that some of the cells in Column A are called, for example, "578459JJJ5438543" or "854843XXX5845934"

I therefore want the data from columns B-F respective to these to be transposed under the columns that say "XXX" or "JJJ"

does this make sense?