Copy Paste method and mysterious lost rows

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I am new here looking for answer. Last week I had very mysterious accident with Excel which I can not duplicate but I dont know if this can occur again. 


I have 2 Excel files:

>First let say A is a source base with YTD data

> Second file let say B receives the data from file A. The connection between those 2 files goes:

   In file B I have sheet with some formulas which regarding to some conditions takes the data from the file A. 


The only problem is to have all current data in file B I am copying last row on B workbook (with reference to file A and formulas) and paste by amount of rows which I need to have from file A.

Simple operation. 


I made all those above operations, draged last active cell in file A by 7k rows down, and was pretty sure all things went just fine. Unfortunatelly it turned out that somewhere aound row 5k somehow Excel in file A skipped for about 500 rows from file B. This is the first time I got such a situation. And I am pretty suprised as this raport is important for me, but I dont have any guarantie that this situation will not happen again....



file A:

cell A5000 '=workbookB'A5000

cell A5001 '=workbookB'A5001

cell A5002 '=workbookB'A5002

cell A5003 '=workbookB'A5500

cell A5004 '=workbookB'A5501


I thought about it and only thing I can think about is hardware problems, maybe with RAM?

I will be grateful for any help!

thank you








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Since you cannot duplicate and are mainly worried that it might happen again, my advice would be to make sure you always back up both files before going through the steps, work with one set of the duplicated files, and only delete the extra "backup" files when you're satisfied that it has worked.


It's entirely possible that you unwittingly just did something unusual in that one instance.....