Copy/paste from between spreadsheet has errors

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IOS Ventura 13.1

Excel for Mac 16.68

Content copy/pasted from one spreadsheet to another doesn't add up.

New problem been doing this for years.

All cells properly formatted

The cells don't add up at bottom of screen.  Ditto when you use those cells in a formula.

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You are going to need a more complete description here of what you're doing and what happens. Ideally, post a copy of the spreadsheet(s) on OneDrive or GoogleDrive and paste a link here granting edit access. Otherwise, it's really impossible to comment in any meaningful manner.

@mathetes using Excel in iMac. No One Note or Google Drive involved. I can no longer copy and paste a number from 1 workbook to another without getting Ref!  It copies and pastes the formula not the number. Done it a hundred times. The issue with value paste seems resolved.  

I work also with iMac (and Mac Mini and MacBook Air, for that matter) and experience none of the problems you're describing. I was suggesting OneDrive or GoogleDrive not because I was thinking they were involved; it's a way for those of us here in the forum to see what you're working with. Because it's not clear, and it's not at all likely that the problem is with Excel.


The Ref! error suggests that probably there is a reference that no longer is valid or meaningful in the destination cell for the copied content. But that's a hypothesis, not a confirmed diagnosis. Help us help you by posting copies of the spreadsheet(s) in question on OneDrive or GoogleDrive.