I need to compile a sheet that applied with formula ... It is possible to copy and paste that with iPad
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I am definitely not the best who can give you an answer about the ipad :(.

There are certainly much better specialists than me who are familiar with it.

That doesn't prevent me from providing you with information as far as possible :))

so that you can manage your problem.


Here is the information from the Internet.

Copy and paste formulas in Numbers on iPad

When the keyboard is closed, you can copy a formula, or just the result, from one cell to another.

  1. Tap the cell with the formula you want to copy, tap it again, then tap Copy in the contextual menu.

  2. Tap the cell where you want to paste the formula or the result, tap it again, then tap Paste.

  3. To preserve the formula, tap Paste Formulas, or to paste only the result, tap Paste Values.


Additional Informations:

Cut, copy, and paste between iPad and other devices


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