Copy formula result as number

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Assume that I have 10 numbers (1234567890) to add "60" in front of it, so I custom a new cell format of "600000000000".

Yes I did get the result I wanted (601234567890). But I wanted to copy the result "601234567890" as NUMBER in a new cell so it should be appear as "601234567892" in the format bar instead of "1234567890".

Is there any way to copy the "result" as number in new cell?

**I'm currently using Microsft Excel 2019**

Screenshot 2022-04-08 115911.png


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@DennisNg98 Indeed, you merely formatted the number 1234567890 to be displayed as 601234567890.

But the underlying number hasn't changed. If the number is in A1, why not just add a formula in B1 like:

=A1 + 600000000000

That will result in a real number, though might have to set the format to Number as well, otherwise you'll probably get this:

 Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 07.07.09.png

In that case, if I have 9 numbers, I need to change the formula to =A1+60000000000(remove 1 "0").

@DennisNg98 You can make it dynamic like this: