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Hi Team, i am working on one pager template which will be used for summary review with management


Issue here is i cannot use formulas to populate the details in summary file since end users might get confused when they see formulas.


request you to help with the solution which i can depend on. i have attached summary data which might give you an idea 


appreciate your help on this..

Below is the raw data:


Rw noTradeSupplierStatusMilestone2020 spend2021 spend2022 SpendIndirect Spend
1FurniturePhillina OberengagedCustomers10506010
2ChairMick BrownUnder reviewPipeline customers10060040050
3SofaMaria EtezadiAwardedSuppliers60070050060
4TableMaria EtezadiUnder reviewSuppliers50030050080
5Glass tableJack O'BriantAwardedCustomers800600900100


i am unable to upload the summary view prototype, however i believe the above question makes sense and we have a solution for this.

Thank you!


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Would you care to clarify?

Your final "Spoiler" says you have a solution "for this" -- whatever "this" is -- but it's also unclear, from the very beginning, what the relationship is between the "users" who might be confused by the presence of formulas, and the management to whom the presentation of summary data is to be made. Are the users the same as management? Are they that easily confused?

And IF that data you showed is itself an example of the summary, then it would also be helpful to see what the raw data looks like.