Copy excel and "Paste Special" into a word document

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Hi, I am using excel to help with security deposits and to calculate formulas and cost for charges when people move out of their apartments. I am copying the cells and using the "Paste Special" to insert the excel data into a word document and use the "Paste Link" so if I update the excel data, the word document also updates.

I am making this for others to use. I have filled the cells they need to enter data into in excel, however when I paste it into the word document, I do not want that color fill to print.  Is there a way to copy and paste it over so the color doesn't get pasted? OR is the only option training them to print in black and white? 

Thanks for your help.

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In Word, click the lower half of the Paste button, and select the 4th option: Link & Merge Formatting.