Copy/Convert Excel email list to a gmail distribution list

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Is there any way to copy/convert/import a list of 80+ email addresses from Excel to a gmail distribution list without having to go into gmail and type in each email address one at a time?

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A couple of useful links:

Youtube Video (This one may be exactly what you want)

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I recommend that your list starts exactly at row 1 of your Excel file, just as seen in these examples.






There are several methods you can use to copy, convert, or import a list of email addresses from Excel to a Gmail distribution list without manually typing each address. Here are a few options:


Google Contacts Import:

Export your list of email addresses from Excel to a CSV file.

Go to Google Contacts ( and sign in with your Gmail account.

Click on "Import" and select the CSV file containing your email addresses.

Follow the prompts to map the columns correctly and import the contacts into Google Contacts.

Once imported, you can create a new contact group (distribution list) and add the contacts to it.


Third-Party Tools:

There are third-party tools and services available that can help you import contacts from Excel to Gmail directly. These tools often offer features for mapping columns, deduplicating contacts, and creating contact groups.

One example is Gmass (, which offers a feature called "Google Sheets integration" that allows you to send emails to Google Contacts groups directly from a Google Sheets spreadsheet.


Google Apps Script:

If you're comfortable with scripting, you can use Google Apps Script to automate the process of importing contacts from a Google Sheets spreadsheet to Google Contacts.

You can write a script that reads the email addresses from the spreadsheet and adds them to a contact group in Google Contacts.

This approach requires some programming knowledge but offers flexibility and customization options.


Manual Entry:

While not the most efficient method, you can copy and paste email addresses from Excel to Gmail manually.

Create a new contact group in Google Contacts.

Open the contact group and click on "Add people."

Paste the email addresses into the "Add contacts" field, separating each address with a comma.

Click "Add" to add the contacts to the group.


Choose the method that best fits your needs and comfort level with technology. Automated methods like Google Contacts import or third-party tools are generally quicker and more efficient for large lists of email addresses. The text and steps were created with the help of AI.


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Hope this will help you.

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Steps to Copy/Convert Excel email list to a Gmail distribution list

  • Step 1. Download RecoveryTools Excel Converter and launch it.
  • Step 2. Choose Excel file and add into the software.
  • Step 3. Browse Gmail and enter credential to authorize account.
  • Step 4. Select result location and press backup to complete it.