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Hi guys,


I'm making an excel project for my work regarding inventory of items. I wanted to know how to copy certain rows/cells from one sheet to another sheet.


Sheet 1 provides all the items and each item is classified as "Good" or "Re-order"

I want all items classified as "Re-order" to automatically be copied to Sheet 2



Sheet 1.PNG


SHEET 2: This is what I like to happen, it gives all the items with codes from the other sheet that needs to be re-ordered



Any suggestion and help are greatly appreciated. THank you!

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Which Excel version you are using? Do you have access to the dynamic array formulas?

There are two ways you can achieve this, Formulas and VBA, which way would you prefer?

Can you upload a sample workbook instead of an image to work with?



Thanks for your response. I've uploaded the excel file for you to check. I'm using Excel 2010, I know it's kind of outdated but it's the version we have in the hospital. I prefer formula rather than VBA as I'm not really trained for the latter.


Thanks again for your help. Any suggestion is appreciated




Caution, matrix formula included!
The curly braces {} are not entered.
Exit the cell editor with Ctrl + Shift + Enter instead of Enter alone.


array examblearray examble


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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Tabelle1 = Sheet 1
Tabelle 2 = Sheet 2


Please try this Array Formula which requires confirmation with Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of Enter alone.


On Ordering Sheet

In A5


Confirm with Ctrl+Shift+Enter and then copy it across to next column and down the rows.


Or you may try this Regular Function which doesn't require any special keystroke.

In A


and then copy it across to next column and down the rows.


The attached file contains both the formulas.